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2018 07 01

The idea of purpose is an interesting one. I have a t-shirt which has a hole in the side. It's down the seam, and about big enough to poke the tip of a finger through. It's also right over the label on the left side. I always assumed it was there on purpose.

I thought this for a long time, without it coming up anywhere. It wasn't a core part of my life or anything, but I definitely thought it was there on purpose. Which is the same as it having a purpose.

I eventually mentioned it to my partner, and she laughed at me. It's just torn along the seam, she said. It isn't there on purpose, it's just a hole. Because it had fallen so neatly, I unquestioningly thought it had a purpose without thinking what it might actually be. An idea snuck in under my radar.

This isn't really anything about anything, I just thought it was interesting.

the hole in my tshirt