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Time-off Inertia

2018 04 17

Whenever I take some time off work, there's maybe four or five days where it's incredibly difficult for me to do what I actually want to do. Note the use of the word actually - it's easy enough for me to do what I immediately want to do, but not what long-term thinker me wants to do. In other words, my Reflective Control is low.

The only solution I've found for this slump is to just get through it. If I want to get anywhere long-term sam wants to go, then I' need more time off then I'll waste playing games and feeling fluffy-headed.

To be clear, this has never been a willpower issue for me. Too many times I'll pull it together and start to work on what I want, only to have it come out poorly planned and poorly executed. Leave it a few days and I'm right into the swing of things again, however.

I suspect that the same thing happens in reverse too. That when I go into work after an extended period I'm slow and less responsive. It's harder to notice this thanks to the difference (and 'busier' nature) in the work environment.

I have no solution for this, and no real aim in sharing this other than the act of sharing it. I'm guessing, though, that I'm not the only one with this experience.