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Code & Poetry

2018 03 01

My style of writing poetry has almost certainly been influenced by being a software developer. I find that I use indentation a lot, and punctuation very little. I find that I have a habit of indenting both for structure - concepts which are related get indented together - and for aesthetics. Human language and computer language can definitely stand pretty closely.

As an example, a few poems I've written:

Pay Attention:

Pay Attention
Spend your attention on me
Put your attention into
A little piggy bank
  A tithe to the day
          to productivity
  I’ll collect it once a month

Small Steps:

Can I sit up, write the date?
Can I take a small step heading
    in the direction I want to take?


Open your door
Walk your son
  Down the road
Push him out there
  And go back in  
How many sons do we push?
That’s a metaphor.
My life is over-stretching
  My shoulders
  My metaphors

Every piece of a person goes into every other piece, I guess. If you’re a programmer who writes poetry, expect the poetry to influence your code and your code to influence your poetry.

This whole idea inspired by a tweet by @maybekatz. I'm not sure I've done with the idea yet, either...